Overseas Partner ApS is a reliable supplier of frozen fish and seafood products world-wide. We operate in several global markets such as Asia, EU, Eastern Europe, South America and USA.

We are the European sales department of a large Chinese plant- Zhangzhou Yanfeng Aquatic Product & Foodstuff Co. Ltd. Our production capacity is 120mt/day and we have over 2000 skilled workers. We are the leading supplier of Vannamei shrimp and seafood mix from China.

  We work very closely with the catching vessels in Greenland and Canada; we offer a wide range of products, particularly cold water shrimp and Greenland Halibut. – We provide the best quality with fast delivery.

Our global network plus over 10 years experience in seafood business and up–to–date market knowledge positions Overseas Partner ApS amongst the top fish and seafood suppliers.